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We help online retailers & businesses deliver goods to their remote customers.

How it works

About Us

AYSUP Deliveries is a crowd-sourced delivery service for businesses and people.

aysup deliveries was founded out of core need to provide the growing e-commerce with a safe and fast delivery platform for their customers.
Despite the growth of online businesses as well as crowd sourced delivery & riding platforms, we still have a gap in bridging online sellers to customers.

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Overcome geographical limitations

1. Customers don't have to come to your store. We take your store to your customers. aysup allows you to connect with your customers you can now access a wider market as well as stay open 24/7.
Though delivery companies exist, there’s often little or no link between businesses and customers. Few businesses have a reliable delivery partners or sometimes may lack capacity for their delivery orders hence limited in making sales. Whereas some businesses may have their own delivery infrastructure, the cost of accessing on-demand delivery is often less and easier in terms of logistics.


Low operational costs

With less cost of inventory management as well as floor space. You need less space, less staff & less to do more. Allow us to deliver to your customers and grow your business operating from anywhere.


Empowering Entrepreneurs

aysup is a crowdsorced platform that partners with freelancer riders operating their own bikes. We empower both riders as well as small businesses them by providing them with the opportunity for growth on our platform.


More good things to enjoy

There's lots more you can enjoy with aysup.

Door-to-door Delivery

Door-to-door delivery and courier service for documents and parcels, up to 0.4m x 0.4m x 0.3m or under 11kg each.

Insured goods in transit

Your goods are insured in transit up to KES 100,000. In case of loss/theft/damages claim it and we'll help

Proof of delivery

We deliver. Yes; and we keep the evidence of delivery.

Keen on time

Where we operate, we have wide network of agent courier riders. We'll have a rider within 7 minutes of your request.

24/7 Customer Service

Our support team works is there to serve you 24/7. Make

Transparet Pricing

aysup pricing is transparent based on route & distance. Businesses on affiliate program get fixed rates for predefined routes.

Happy Clients

We derive our joy by Keeping our customers happy.

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